Tilt-Up Concrete

Darlind is a proud member of the CON/STEEL Alliance™; a select network of contractors that deliver high quality tilt-up concrete buildings using a proven method of tilt-up design and construction – CON/STEEL Tilt-Up Systems®. Tilt-up construction is the preferred method of construction for many building types creating structures that are efficient to operate and economical to build. With attributes of flexibility, safety, speed, durability and long-term value, tilt-up construction helps owners meet ever-increasing demands for new facilities.

Used throughout the United States for decades, tilt-up combines the strength of reinforced concrete with speed of construction so you can move into, and start benefiting from your new building much sooner.

In site-cast tilt-up concrete construction, the wall panels are cast horizontally directly on the floor slab and then are tilted into place by a large crane. Tilt-up has proven time and time again to be the best solution for building an owner’s vision – architecturally and economically within very tight time frames. Tilt-up is used in a variety of markets and for buildings of all shapes, sizes and heights.

Darlind offers single source responsibility for the design and construction of the foundation, flatwork, structural steel and tilt-up wall systems, allowing owners to focus on what they do best.

Advantages of utilizing Tilt- Up Concrete:

  • Local labor and material suppliers
  • Flexibility of panel sizes and shapes - panel sizes are only limited by crane size resulting in fewer joints
  • Flexibility of architectural treatments
  • Long-term value viewed more favorably by lenders/-investors
  • Energy efficient – with recent change in energy codes, tilt-up provides an efficient and economical method of edge to edge insulated panels
  • Safer construction – since the tilt-up wall panels are formed on the ground, tilt-up creates a safer site for workers eliminating the need for scaffolding
  • Construction isn’t limited by weather conditions – tilt-up can be constructed in almost any weather

Project Examples:
Adam’s Fairacre Farms
Coach USA

To learn more about tilt-up construction, contact us or go to www.consteel.com.